FLATBED TOWING & TOW TRUCK SERVICES IN Wheat Ridge CO, Arvada CO, Westminster CO, Northglenn CO & DENVER Metro CO

FLATBED TOWING & TOW TRUCK SERVICES IN Wheat Ridge CO, Arvada CO, Westminster CO, Northglenn CO & DENVER Metro CO

Bee-Z-Towing Services will provide trusted, professional, and courteous at a low-cost for flatbed towing services. If you need a local or long-distance tow, our flatbeds are FULLY Insured and PUC compliant and low cost towing. We offer flatbed towing services to and from Wheat Ridge, Westminster, Longmont, Boulder and other northern Denver suburbs.


There are various methods towing services when it comes to tow truck services in Denver Co.  Let’s just set the record straight-, flatbed tow trucks are the best option for towing most vehicles. They are made to easily to transport all vehicles. It can shape and weight of other vehicles without much work. Therefore, if value your vehicles you should choose a flatbed.   It is normally JUST slightly higher in cost, however we paid a lot more for you protection and delivery of your vehicle safely in one piece, that’s why we opted to purchase flatbeds when we decided to go into the towing business:

Safety First

Why is it considered a safer way to tow a vehicle? Because a flatbed tow trucks will keep your vehicles off the ground.

Keeping the tires from wear and tear from the tow.

Using a pulling method such as hook and chain or boom truck can damage certain parts of the suspension.  Take for instance a wrecked car in an accident, as hook and chain method requires pulling the vehicle by the front wheels and lifting it off the ground, this may risk further damaging the bumper, engines and tires. A flatbed tow truck will be a better option as it can have all the wheels of the vehicle placed on the flat platform of the tow truck, thus lowering the chance of damaging the vehicle during transportation.

Can Handle Various Types of Vehicles and Loads

As compared to other methods of towing, flatbed towing is more versatile as it can tow different types of vehicles and equipment. Motorcycles, Cars, Trucks, Exotic cars, SUVs, 4-wheel drives, etc., as long as the load can fit onto the flatbed platform, they can be transported safely.

Handles Low Ground Clearance Vehicles

Not to mention low-height vehicles, it is a great solution in many towing situations.

Damaged Vehicles

In a severe traffic accident, the collision may cause the vehicles to lose their shapes or forms. In this case towing such wrecked vehicles may be very difficult using other towing methods. However for flatbed towing, it can simply load the damaged vehicle up to the transport platform and move it to a repair shop or other destinations.

Convenient and Efficient

Pulling a damaged vehicle up a flatbed can be relatively simple because all one has to do is drive the vehicle onto the platform and secure it tightly onto the flatbed with straps. However, other methods such as dolly towing may require removing the drive shaft of a vehicle to avoid transmission damage. This will take more time and more work in completing the same task. However, other methods of towing will be more feasible and efficient depending on the circumstances.

The major Cities we over and Can be there promptly:


BEE-Z- Towing Service is pleased and honored to deliver quality and low cost tow car and roadside assistance services to the good people of:

  • Wheat Ridge
  • Westminster
  • Broomfield
  • Lakewood
  • Federal Heights
  • Arvada
  • Northglenn
  • Thornton
  • Sherrelwood
  • Twin Lakes
  • Berkley
  • Golden
  • Fort Collins
  • Longmont
  • Commerce City
  • And all Northern Denver, CO. suburbs